Welcome to The Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem – Knights Hospitaller (c) 2007

The following is the electronic version of a treatise published by the Sovereign Order in 1999. It very briefly describes the remarkable and inspiring 950-year history of this unique Catholic military-religious order. Each link below corresponds to a title heading of the original booklet written by Sir John L. Grady, MD, OSJ, Grand Master Emeritus, and abridged by the Sovereign Order.




Knighthood and Chivalry

The Holy Order Founded

Papal Recognition


Great Military Orders

Glorious History

Unique Character

Historical Continuity

Special Religious Privileges

A Princely Race

Devotion and Courage

The Great Sieges

The Siege Of 1480

Time to Rebuild

The Siege Of 1522


The Siege Of 1565

Lepanto – Islam Denied

Deception, Not Defeat

The Order in Russia

The Order Preserved

The Corps of Pages

Resurgence of the Order

Confusion of Names

Undeniable Validity

The Cross of Saint John