The FITT Principle


A core principle of fitness is the FITT principle:

FREQUENCY: A good physical fitness plan conducts physical training several days a week. Working out five days a week produces results quickly. Training two or three days a week brings results at a more moderate pace.

INTENSITY: Training with intensity in physical fitness is a good way to physically advance. But one should not approach every workout with the same level of intensity. Some days should be more intense and some less to permit muscle groups to recover. Balance in any physical training progarm is very important.

TIME: A good workout can usually be accomplished in an hour. This workout can include a combination of cardiovascular work and strength training.

TYPE: Variety is important in physical training. It permits the development of multiple muscle groups and skills. Focusing on areas of physical weakness is also a good way to advance. Additionally, varying the type of workout prevents stagnation, and keeps the individual’s interest in training.

A typical workout combines strength training with endurance training. History has proven that both strength and endurance are critical aspects of physical activity. A typical workout for beginners emphasizes push-ups, sit-ups, and running 2-5 miles.

Individuals should receive medical clearance prior to beginning any physical training program.

For training, pick something that is fun to do. If it is fun you will be more likely to continue to train. In the end, physical fitness is a way of life so choose something that fits your life.