Medieval Movies and TV Shows

On Netflix, fans of period series are served. This is the top 10 of Tele-Leisure. And don’t miss out on our ranking in the Yakoi video on Netflix.

Ah, the great historical frescoes! Nothing like that to carry us back to the past, while asking us about the present and our society. The British seem to have mastered this art, as evidenced in particular by The Crown, a historical series to be seen and seen again on Netflix. It is not by chance that the platform has given the green light to a new English series, directed by Julian Fellowes, the creator of Downton Abbey. For his next fiction, he will be interested in the origins of a very popular sport: football! Discover the top 10 of Télé-Loisirs on the best series of the time as well as the video Yakoi on Netflix on the same theme.

  1. The Crown (2016 – in production)

Would the English have a monopoly on successful historical series? The Crown is another perfect example! Also a large fresco, that of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The great story unfolds and with it, that of this woman with so particular a life. The first two seasons feature Claire Foy and Matt Smith, but the actors will leave their place to other actors for the next salvos.

  1. Mad Men (2007-2015)

Never before has the advertising world been so sexy. In the New York of the 1960s, the public follows the adventures of Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and his advertising agency seven seasons. The relationships between men and women at the time were also revealed against the backdrop of cigar volutes and a past society.

  1. Outlander (2014 – in production)

The TV adaptation of the novels of Diana Gabaldon the Thistle and the Tartan is worth a look. Claire Randall, a war nurse in 1945, married to a captain, found herself transported to Scotland from 1743, amid a revolt. She is facing a new world for her and will fall under the spell of a beautiful warrior. A regular series, and more violent than it seems, even if Love has its place.

  1. Peaky Blinders (2013 – in production)

In the Birmingham of the 1920s, the Shelby family reigned as master, with Tommy (Cillian Murphy) at the head of the clan. Smuggling, illegal gambling, the violence of the time … we find ourselves at the heart of history, with this portrait of England at the beginning of the century, through individual destinies.

  1. Captive (2017)

In 19th-century Canada, the mission of a psychiatrist is to assess whether or not a murderer should be pardoned for insanity. This series (also known as Grace) is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Margaret Atwood, whose book The Handmaid’s Tale was the subject of a series with Elisabeth Moss.

  1. SOS Midwives (2012-in production)

Call the Midwife, in English, is a great success in Britain and rightly so. If midwives are indeed the heroines of this series of women, they are also the witnesses of an era, that of the disadvantaged London of the 1950s. Through them, fiction tells the evolution of society, prejudices, the condition of women. The series is adapted from the autobiography of Jennifer Worth, who lived between 1935 and 2011.

  1. The young Ladies of the Telephone (2017 – in production)

Is Netflix’s first original Spanish series, Las Chicas del Cable, the Iberian equivalent of Call, The Midwife? In any case, she tells the story of several young women working in a telecommunications company in Madrid in 1928. Their family lives and their hopes.

  1. Poldark (2015 – in production)

This British series is the adaptation of a series of eponymous novels, published by Winston Graham between 1945 and 2002. At the end of the 18th century, Ross Poldark returned to Cornwall after the American War of independence and discovered that the world had changed without him. A romantic series carried by The Dark One Aidan Turner, a time predicted to become the future James Bond.

  1. Marco Polo (2014-2016 )

With this series, one of the first of his original creations, Netflix became interested in the youth of the explorer Marco Polo, with a beautiful reconstruction in terms of costumes. The series was canceled after two seasons.

  1. Troy, the fall of a city (2018 – production)

This new English adaptation of the story of Hélène de Troie seems to have convinced the subscribers of the platform. It is co-produced by Netflix and BBC One.