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Men and women who join the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem serve God as active members in the Catholic Church. Admission to the Order is open to Catholics, individuals who intend to join the Church, and Orthodox in communion with Rome who wish to be active within the Church. The mission of the Order continues our tradition of service and defense of the Catholic Church, and is summarized here below:


Founded near Our Lord’s Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem c. 1050 A. D., the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem is one of the oldest Catholic orders. Uniquely defined as a sovereign and independent state, the Knights of Malta is a chivalric and militant Catholic brotherhood in the faithful service of God and His Church. The Hospitaller Knights strive for perfection of charity by impartial service to the sick, injured and poor; by preservation of the ancient Catholic liturgies and traditions; and by the propagation and defense of the Kingdom of Christ.

Such service to God is exemplified in the Catholic knight. As a Knight of Malta, you will continue the tradition that has been set before us by our brother knights for nearly one thousand years.

There are various ranks within the Order. New members are admitted to an initial rank based on their disposition, training and experience, and may advance with training. All ranks are established to defend and serve the one, holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Please see the Admission Requirements for further admission information.